Let’s dream together for a day.

You already know you’ve got a newsworthy story. You’ve been told that your wisdom and message is gold. You’re seeing your clients and customers experience life-changing shifts because of the secret sauce that only you have.

You’re on the rise.

But now you’re wondering…

How do I tell more people about my story? How do I get more exposure for my brand and my goods? And most importantly, how do I do it when I’m not quite ready to invest a lot of dollars into it (YET!)?

Cue our New Fashioned Co. Team strutting in, Beyoncé-fan-hair and all, spending five uninterrupted hours with you to get your exposure plan in place. Sounds nice, right?!

VIP Intensive Days are for folks just like you…

Individuals on the rise with the capacity or desire to get comfortable pitching their brand and build a solid publicity, speaking and paid partnerships foundation now.

While you know that all-in PR representation isn’t possible currently (we know you’re manifesting though and it’s coming SOON!), you don’t want to delay your exposure efforts any longer.

People need your secret sauce, stat.

We got you.

Over the course of five hours, our team will lead you through strategy brainstorming for your publicity, speaking, and brand partnerships so you can walk away with a complete exposure strategy roadmap to do it yourself.

What’s in the roadmap?
Our VIP days are $2995
and we only open a few spots a month.

If you’re ready to dream with our team, hit the button below to fill out the VIP Intensive application. Let’s share your secret sauce so we can change a lot more lives… starting now.

BONUS: We love an unexpected extra and that’s why all our VIP Intensive clients get exclusive access to our Become the Master of Your Own PR course. Copy all our pitch templates, media prep checklists and so much more—and have your team members jump in on the fun. From helping you build a media list to actually pitching your brand to media, events or partners, your team can get more comfortable and confident telling everyone they know about your brand’s goodness. Yes please!

“The New Fashioned Co. is home to me for everything marketing, PR and communications.”

Whatever your marketing, PR and/or communications needs may be, The NewFashioned.co is your answer. I am happy to chat further with anyone who would like to ask me more about my experience in working with Kristin. I continue to work with her and have no intentions of ever going anywhere else. Kristin and TheNewFashioned.co is home to me for everything marketing, PR and communications.

—Jess Ekstrom

Author of Chasing the Bright Side

“Unmatched experience in pairing PR with marketing is invaluable to any woman looking to make an impact and make bank...”

For the last 12 years of building my coaching practice, I avoided PR. I was completely intimidated by the process. But Kristin Carver Smith reminded me that, “When you grow your media bank, you grow your business bank.” That timely wisdom lit me on FIA, and caused me to take inspired action. Kristin’s unmatched experience in pairing PR with marketing is invaluable to any woman looking to make an impact and make bank-the “new fashioned” way. Her PR services, and this course, are must-haves for women who want to position themselves for the most brand visibility, message impact, and financial increase in the marketplace. Kristin brings the “new” and I am blessed to have the best of the best on my team. She helps me to strategically build my business for the glory of God – and that gives me life!

—LaVondilyn Watson San Kitts

That FIA Coach and Host of the FIA Good Morning Podcast

“I totally appreciate their creativity and direction as they oversee my start-up...”

Kristin and Angelina are collaborators, listeners and strong advisors. I totally appreciate their creativity and direction as they oversee my start-up ministry and help develop and navigate a strategy to serve women all around the globe. No small task. And these women are up for it!

—Nancy Hicks

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