Let’s dream together for a day.

You already know you’ve got a newsworthy story. You’ve been told that your wisdom and approach are gold. You’re seeing your clients and customers experience life-changing shifts because of the secret sauce that only you have.

Your brand star has risen.

But now you’re wondering…

How do I get more exposure?  Which exposure platforms do I really want to focus time and energy onAnd our favorite question: how do I do all of this SUSTAINABLY?

Meet our Founder, Kristin Carver Smith. The go-to expert in creating SUSTAINABLE business and exposure strategies for bold ideas and brave brands just like yours.

We know: If it's not sustainable, you don't want it.

Same. We’re quite literally exhausted from all the plans and strategies and well-intentioned efforts that have zero humanity built into them. And we know you are, too. You want a THOUGHT PARTNER to dream up and chart a NEW WAY forward with youone that’s rooted in justice and joy.

We've got you.

Over the course of a day, our Founder, Kristin Carver Smith team will lead you through thoughtful exercises and brainstorming to build a sustainable exposure strategy together. You’ll walk away from this experience with clarity and a plan that FINALLY feels both doable and invigorating (instead of the usual wave of excitement post-experience then debilitating overwhelm).

How does it work? First, Kristin asks you to give a short state-of-the-union for your business. She carefully listens, noting what’s top-of-mind for you, what’s feeling heavy and what’s bringing you joy. From here, she will work with you on goals for yourself and your business. The sustainable strategy that the two of you craft together will always tie back to these goals.

Next up is the core work of the day, divided into three parts: Revenue and Offerings; Branding, Customers and Messaging; and last but certainly not least, Exposure and Partnerships.

You’ll wrap the day with Kristin by loosely sketching out a timeline that feels spacious, just, joyful and totally doable. And because the session is recorded, you can revisit your genius and breakthroughs again and again. Within 7 business days from your VIP session, you’ll receive your sustainable strategy roadmap, complete with your strategy timeline, session recordings and any final next steps/recommendations from Kristin.

If you’re ready to dream with our team, hit the button below to book your VIP Intensive 

We offer Virtual VIP Days at $7,500 and In-Person VIP Days at $10,000, with hotel for one evening and all meals for the session included.

“Their deliberate and unique way of focusing on exactly who and what aligns with your brand and values is some of the best in the industry.”

“From engaging TNFC for their epic VIP day to becoming a retainer client, I have witnessed tremendous growth in my visibility on and offline. In the first 60 days of being a client, I received multiple media opportunities because of their diligence and vision for my new company. Their deliberate and unique way of focusing on exactly who and what aligns with your brand and values is some of the best in the industry. I am a veteran entrepreneur with over 25 years of work experience, and it’s rare that you encounter incredible individuals who are experts in their craft and willing to go above and beyond to ensure your success at every single turn. I highly recommend TNFC.” 

—Bianca B. King

CEO & Founder Pretty Damn Ambitious

“The New Fashioned Co. has been life-changing for our organization.”

“STEM4Real’s experience with The New Fashioned Co. has been life-changing for our organization. As a small nonprofit, we invested in both the VIP and All-In Rep capacities to increase our visibility on a national level and both services have really opened our eyes for the necessity to have a PR firm like New Fashioned Co. on our team. We received a very detailed plan with the VIP to kickstart our PR efforts and we thought we could do PR on our own. However, with everything that goes with running an organization, we couldn’t maintain the quality and quantity of media attention. We are immersed in the all in-rep capacities (just renewed!) and it is worth every penny of the investment. The team has been phenomenal in getting our organization’s vision out in the PR world and ensuring we are supported every step of the way. Our organization has been published in several well known educational publications AND we’ve been featured on national TV! We couldn’t have done that without The New Fashioned Co. and look forward to continuing our journey with them.

—Dr. Leena Bakshi McLean

Founder, STEM4Real

“By far one of the best investments I’ve ever made.”

“I needed a someone to spearhead the media campaign for my release of my second cookbook. I’d had few exploratory calls with other agencies, but I hadn’t been sold on any. I didn’t feel like I was fully being listened to, but I also felt like I was being forced to make my PR needs fit within their cookie-cutter menu of packages and prices. Then, I had an exploratory call with Kristin at The New Fashioned Co. Within a few minutes of our call, I knew Kristin and her team were the perfect fit for my publicity needs. I felt genuinely listened to and heard, and they didn’t try to fit my needs into an established package or menu of services. Rather, they crafted a unique publicity strategy around my needs and goals. This meant the world to me as an individual and as a female entrepreneur and business owner. Kristin has also been instrumental in helping me develop a roadmap for business development and helping me refocus where I need to put my time and energy to work smarter, not harder. The result is I’ve gained greater work-life balance and increased my income. My day spent with Kristin was by far one of the best investments I’ve ever made.”

—Carolyn Williams, PhD, RD

James Beard Journalism winner and Author of Meals That Heal