Timing is Everything for Strategic Exposure

Take These Four Steps to Nail Yours. 

Timing is everything. You’ve heard it over and over for a reason. It was even crooned about by the dreamy Garrett Hedlund in Country Strong. (Don’t judge us.) 

But in all seriousness, timing plays a significant role in garnering exposure for your brand and products. And it’s even more important when it comes to making the news, pitching partnership ideas or going after that paid speaking engagement. 

So how do you nail your timing? 

First step back and look at the full picture. Often when we are working on launching a new offer or unveiling our brand makeover, we’ve got tunnel vision. We are so focused on nailing our email copy and the launch sequence timing that we aren’t thinking about how that same story we are telling in our emails could be told in our social media posts, blogs, opinion editorials or in podcast interviews. And what the timing for THOSE items might be. So, we challenge you to write down what 3-5 key messages you want to share during this launch. Then write down where you want to share them. Perhaps… 

  • In your email newsletter
  • On your Facebook page 
  • In your Insta story
  • On your podcast 
  • On a LIVE with a fellow industry expert or leader 
  • In an opinion editorial 
  • On a local broadcast show 
  • On a physical or virtual stage 
  • In a webinar or workshop 
  • Through a partnership with a another brand 
  • Basically anywhere your person is hanging 

Second, list out the channels where you aren’t in total control of the timing. So using the examples above: 

  • An opinion editorial on a news website 
  • An interview on a local radio or television show 
  • A partnership or collaboration with another brand 
  • A well-known podcast 
  • A joint FB or IG LIVE 
  • A virtual or live event (that you aren’t hosting)

Then, start researching the lead time of each outlet you aren’t already familiar with. The lead time is simply how much time the journalist, influencer or organizer needs to pull together a story, event or partnership. Don’t miss out on exposure opportunities because you haven’t thought about podcast interviews you could do to promote your new book until after it’s out! You’ll want to provide these individuals with everything they need to talk about you and your irresistible offers well in advance. We all have that friend that asks us for something at the 11th hour… don’t be that friend in your biz. 

Get going early. Now that you know what messages you want to share and where, who you want to share it with and exactly where you want to share—it’s time to get going. And there’s no such thing as too early. Plant those seeds. Start having conversations with other influential people in your network who could do a live with you when your new offer is unveiled. Set a date, get it on their calendar even if it’s 6 months from now. Reach out to brands and partners a year in advance with your branded workshop idea. Especially if you’re wanting them to sponsor or pay for it. Pitch yourself to well-known podcasts 6-9 months before launch day. Flag a journalist on Twitter or via email when they write a story and you can offer another perspective or have a helpful news tip. Your focus is to stay top-of-mind and helpful. 

Timing is everything and you can nail yours by striking early and often. 

Want to understand exactly when to start pitching? Download our Media Lead Time Cheat Sheet to get all the deets. You’re welcome.

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