A New Fashioned Intern

for a New Fashioned Team

Looking for an internship that’s out of the box, a healthy mix of challenging and fun AND fully remote?

Our team here at The New Fashioned Co is seeking a self-proclaimed media lover and passionate self-starter to join us as our communications intern. In this role, the communications intern will lend communications support, aid in publicity campaigns and help execute internal and client-facing exposure strategies. 

Sound like something you’d love? 

Great! Here are a few of the responsibilities that we’d expect you to take on as a communications intern: 

  • Schedule client podcast episodes, blogs, emails and social media content as needed 
  • Participate in client meetings and calls, providing client notes, next steps and action items post-meeting
  • Assist the Director of Publicity and Partnerships with publicity and brand partnership campaign support, including but not limited to: 
    • Compiling press kits for clients
    • Updating client press portals on The New Fashioned Co. website 
    • Providing overflow pitching to media contacts (as needed)
    • Pulling media lists/press grids 
    • Updating media trackers and schedules 
    • Corresponding with clients to mail brand samples to media 
    • Coordinating brand partnership or advertising opportunities with clients
  • Draft and schedule social media content, website updates, and agency communications for The New Fashioned Co. 
  • Monitor news of the day opportunities to determine which needs fit which clients, communicate needs to clients and submit requests.
  • Engage with news, media, and social to find new hooks for clients 

Now, it’s important that anyone who works with us, whether full-time or part-time, fully embodies the new fashioned in every sense both in and out of the office. These are individuals who respond with a resounding YES! when they read what we believe.

INCLUSIVITY: At The New Fashioned Co. inclusivity is done by design. We actively seek out and recruit diverse perspectives and experiences. We have absolutely no time to employ or level up voices who want to silence, ignore, discriminate against or cause harm to Black men and women, our LGBTQ and nonbinary friends, indigenous people, immigrant neighbors and religious communities.

VALUE: Because we believe that so many individuals are currently being underpaid and undervalued for their starpower, we fiercely advocate for our clients’ compensation, as well as our own. We offer competitive wages, bonuses, and more to show our appreciation for the value  that New Fashioned Co. team members bring to the table. 

INTEGRITY: We expect a lot of our New Fashioned Co. team members. We expect you to approach your work and our clients with integrity and an unwavering commitment to both ours and their success. We also expect you to embody the new fashioned in every sense of the word in your work and words.

REST: We work tirelessly to deliver for our clients, because we know the world is a better place because of them. But we also love our families and friends, just like you, and therefore, we have boundaries and office hours in place to ensure that we all get rest. Rest is vital to our performance and enjoyment of what we do and therefore, we encourage our team and our clients to rest often. 

FUN: We love to mix business and pleasure. That’s why we host virtual Happy Hours, exclusive client conferences with Zoom dance parties, team retreats and more. We love to have fun and are constantly on the lookout for more ways to incorporate pleasure into our New Fashioned Co. culture. 

HONESTY: We always keep it real and honest. And we want you to do the same. Isn’t that how the best relationships flourish? 

If even just reading that got you more excited about this role, here are a few other reasons that you might be an excellent candidate for this role: 

  • Reading our values felt like reading your values 
  • You already have ideas swirling in your head about how you can contribute to our commitment and expectations of our clients
  • You’re looking for a team and professional experience that’s just as new fashioned as you 
  • You see the value of exposure for budding and exploding businesses and have all the thoughts on how you can help level up their game 
  • Staying in your lane or coloring inside the lines sounds BORING to you; you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and contribute to a team that’s always looking for creative solutions and thinking way, way outside the box. 
  • You’ve seen a few of our clients in the news or on social media and you absolutely LOVE the work that they’re doing 
  • You really enjoy writing and actively look for opportunities to get better at it
  • You love collaboration with team members but can also put your head down and work solo for hours on end when you get zoned in on a project or task 
  • You like having your hands in a lot of different pots — variety in work assignments is your jam!

But, we know we’re not for everyone, and that’s okay! This role is NOT a good fit for you if:

  • Your intimidation of challenging the status quo keeps you from ever doing it 
  • You’re looking for a standard, run-of-the-mill internship where you’ll mostly just be pushing buttons and doing busy work 
  • You don’t really get the world of exposure, see its value or have any interest in working in it after graduation
  • You just need that internship credit (Hey, we get it! But if that’s your only motivation, we promise we’re not the right fit.) 
  • You avoid any situations that require you to be flexible, agile, and adaptable.
  • You’re only interested in supporting one element of our business with your internship 

If you’ve made it this far, we’re already impressed with you. Before you fill out the application, take a look at our requirements for this role: 

  • Availability to work remotely at least 10 hours a week for the duration of the internship
  • Experience with MS Word, Google Suite (Docs, Excel, Drive, Email), Excel, Canva, HootSuite and Buffer (Bonus if you have experience with CisionPoint, PR Newswire and Basecamp)
  • Excellent organizational, communication and writing skills
  • Extremely detail-oriented and efficient
  • Ability to problem-solve/think-ahead without direct supervision
  • Delivers well ahead of deadlines
  • A remote work environment, including:
    • A computer
    • Cell phone
    • High-speed internet
  • Flexibility including working some occasional evenings and weekends. Occasionally, client appearances and engagements might require evening or weekend work.

[Download the full intern job description]

Alright—ready to dazzle us with your application? Click the button below to read through the directions and submit whenever you’re ready!