How to Make Your Exposure Go the Extra Mile

You did it! After weeks and months of putting yourself out there, you’ve finally got the hit. Congratulations! 

Now what? 

Well, we’re here to say… don’t stop at popping the champagne bottle. Right now you have a unique opportunity to create some compounding interest for yourself and your brand by putting that new exposure of yours to work. Make it go the extra mile with these six steps. 

Brag a Little on Social Media 

First up, brag a little. Whatever you do, do NOT dim your light right now. Share that new media hit on your social channels and give your audience and peers the chance to celebrate with you. You could share a video clip of the interview, post a screengrab of your contributed article or take to Stories to share the news yourself! 

PRO TIP: Always make sure to tag the outlet and the reporter, journalist or host who created the segment, edited the article or interviewed you. In addition, if people are already sharing your content you can thank them and reshare their Stories and mentions onto your Story. 

Celebrate with Your Email List

We’re going to take a wild guess that you already have a pretty engaged email list (doesn’t matter if it’s not large!). If so, they’ll want to hear about your news! 

Here’s where you can expand upon the new hit a little more to give it some context. That might look like sharing the hard work it took to get it, how you overcome any fears or nerves to write or interview well or sharing why you wanted media in the first place (a.k.a. highlight your credibility again or remind them of an upcoming launch/new product.).  Remember to link over to the actual hit and provide any visuals available to you from the piece or segment to engage your audience and tell the full story. 

Share it on Your Blog

You may have website visitors who are new to your brand or aren’t already engaged with you on social or email. So, let’s not miss a chance to tell them about your new exposure win! 

If your new media hit is an opinion editorial, most outlets don’t mind if you share an excerpt of the piece (say 2-3 paragraphs) on your blog and then link over their website for the full piece. You may also want to include graphics or pictures from the piece (as permitted) as a thumbnail of the post in order to grab the readers’ attention and interest. If your feature is a video, you can include a screenshot of the video that links over to the full video along with a few paragraphs on why it’s important and what goal you had in mind with the hit. Just remember to check with the outlet on what you can republish before you share the post. When in doubt, send the outlet a copy of what you are planning to share just to be safe. 

Nourish New Relationships 

As people hear about you and your content, they’ll start following you on social media, sliding into your DMs, visiting your website and consuming all your content. These people are primed and ready to engage with you and you want to be prepared and ready to greet them. 

Invest a little extra time in your social channels in the days following your hit—keep them engaged with content that continues the conversation from your hit and invites new followers to the platform. Also make sure that your subscribe forms on your website are running well and that your automated welcome sequence for those new subscribers is up to date and relevant (if you haven’t checked it since you created it, now’s a good time to take another look at it!). Even better is having a free lead magnet that relates to whatever topic you just spoke about in your new hit. Because these people are coming to you from that content, you can assume that they’re wanting more of the same. Get them on your email list where you can continue to nurture them!  

The goal is to give these new fans of yours such a great experience that they can’t wait to tell their inner circle of friends about you—it just doesn’t get better than word-of-mouth marketing! 

Expand Upon the Topic 

You already have new fans and your current audience is likely excited for you and your new hit—so capitalize on the attention! Expand on the topic via Instagram Lives and see if you can set up some joint IG/FB Lives with other experts in the field. If you’re able to team up with other experts and establish great camaraderie, you could take it a step further to offer a live virtual event to continue the conversation and provide a giveaway to accompany it (a giveaway of your book or entry-level offer, for example, would be a great idea). 

Let Other Outlets Know About Your Hit

Last but certainly not least is… Don’t keep your new hit a secret from the media. In fact, this might be the most important step (and goes back to our love of compounding media interest) you can take. Take the segment or article to a similar outlet with a brilliant pitch letting them know that you are available to expand upon a topic mentioned in the article. We see it in our work all the time—once one outlet interviews or features a client of ours, others can’t wait to get in line. Just make sure to clearly outline how you can offer something more on the topic beyond what’s already covered in your first hit. 

A media hit is always more than just a single hit. You can create ripple effects that keep expanding your impact and reach far beyond a single outlet by going the extra mile with your exposure. 

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