Taking the old and making it new.

The New Fashioned Co. was born on a hot July day in 2020 after a brainstorming session left us thirsty for an old fashioned.

No really… Hang with us here.

We had spent the day getting clear on exactly what problems we wanted to solve with our work, the types of services we wanted to offer to solve those problems, what was holding our ideal client back from getting their voice or story heard and any potential obstacles we would face along the way.

All of it—from what we wanted to solve to what was standing in the way—boiled down to old fashioned ideals, structures, systems and traditions.

We chuckled at the common thread of old fashioned because our founder and CEO Kristin’s favorite cocktail is an old fashioned. That night, while in the shower, it all clicked for Kristin. The New Fashioned Co. was born because really, truly the only place we still need old fashioned is in our glasses.

Dismantling the old fashioned is our jam and we use these values to guide us along the way.


We are committed to earning our clients’ and our audience’s trust at every opportunity. Trust is the foundation of all that we do.

Respect and Equality

We have deep respect for our team, our clients and our audience and believe that each and every human being has value and should be treated fairly and respectfully. We do not tolerate anything less than this.


We believe that people from all walks of life, races, places and spaces should have a seat at the table, and we actively seek team members, clients and audiences that come from diverse backgrounds.


We are not afraid to take risks, push the envelope and challenge the status quo.


We firmly believe in having fun and mixing business with pleasure. It’s what sets us apart.


We adhere to the highest standard of integrity in all of our actions.


We embrace and foster creativity. We approach work, relationships and activism with deep creativity, knowing that the “old ways” of doing work and living life are overrated and irrelevant.


Passion is the fuel that keeps us going. We approach our work imbued with passion each and every day.


We believe that collaboration is essential to creativity and delivering the best possible solutions to our audience. We encourage collaboration among internal and external teams as much as possible.


We strive for excellence in everything that we do and do not accept anything less.


We hold ourselves, our clients and our vendors accountable for delivering on commitments.


We tell the truth, even when it’s inconvenient or costly to do so.

From our leaders and our team to our clients, contacts, and vendors, we expect everyone who wishes to work with us to embody these values.

Speaking of leaders, meet our founder, Kristin Carver Smith.

From the moment Kristin said her first word, she hasn’t stopped talking.

Her love for communication led her to a career in public relations and marketing where she helps businesses, brands and everyday women be heard.

As a communications consultant with more than a decade of experience working in both marketing and public relations, Kristin has the unique ability to blend the two disciplines, look holistically at her clients’ needs and create comprehensive strategies that actually solve problems. Kristin has developed messages for almost any type of scenario including crisis response for nonprofits, new product launches for businesses, years-long marketing plans for large organizations and more. She has built trusted relationships with key editors and top media outlets, getting her clients placed in national media including ABC’s Good Morning America, The View, NBC’s TODAY, CNN, CBS News and in ESSENCE, Good Housekeeping, Sports Illustrated, Redbook, USA Today, Entrepreneur, US News and World Report, Parade Magazine and The Washington Post, among others.

As a trusted friend, Kristin is known for keeping it real. In the world of social media, carefully crafted images and even curated vulnerability, Kristin is helping fill the lack of honest, helpful conversations about the real-life challenges everyday women face. Though women are more connected than ever, they often feel alone—afraid to speak up because of what someone might think or because of backlash. Kristin helps start the conversation women wish they were having but might not feel comfortable starting themselves. Through the ups and downs of her own life experiences, Kristin offers dependable, sound advice from the trenches instead of from a pedestal.

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