Break out of the old fashioned and get ready for a new, next level you.

Welcome to the New Fashioned Co., where we believe that the only place old fashioned belongs is in our glasses.



Let us explain...

Playing it safe in your storytelling.

Showing up unapologetically you.

Stifling your biggest dream because it's too big and audacious, because you haven't "made it" yet.

Building the systems and processes now because you KNOW it's coming.

Siloing all the things, like your marketing, PR, branding, speaking, business, pleasure… we could really go on and on here.

Integrating every. single. aspect. of your brand because… your audience wants all of you. 

Being underpaid and undervalued.

Getting compensated and recognized for the starpower that only YOU bring to the table.

Staying in your lane.

Gifting yourself and your business unlimited flexibility to grow and evolve.

Viewing business as a means to an end.

Using your business as a key to unlock the life you love and have serious impact while doing it.

Are we making sense now? Did any of the above have you screaming, "YES! I'm so sick of all the old fashioned that's holding me back. I'm ready for that new, new!"

Well step into our brand parlour and let's get you glowed up.


The New Fashioned Co. is the brand partner for bold ideas and brave voices ready to level up. Whether you’re looking to...

  • Give your old brand a face lift
  • Get ready for your close up and nail your interviews
  • Turn confusing, it-isn't-quite-me communications into clear, OMG-that’s-ME! messages that you, your audience and media will love
  • Get exposure through powerful partnerships and media moments

… we can help you.


"Become the Master of Your Own PR is a must-take course for anyone who wants to land killer coverage. The tools shared in this course helped land my book, Chasing the Bright Side, in huge national media outlets! Plus, creatives and entrepreneurs will get to walk away with the extra (and vital!) information on how to blend PR and marketing for maximum impact. I can't say it enough-everyone needs this course!"

- Jess Ekstrom, Author of Chasing the Bright Side

"For the last 12 years of building my coaching practice, I avoided PR. I was completely intimidated by the process. But Kristin Carver Smith reminded me that, 'When you grow your media bank, you grow your business bank.' That timely wisdom lit me on FIA, and caused me to take inspired action. Kristin's unmatched experience in pairing PR with marketing is invaluable to any woman looking to make an impact and make bank-the "new fashioned" way. Her PR services, and this course, are must-haves for women who want to position themselves for the most brand visibility, message impact, and financial increase in the marketplace. Kristin brings the "new" and I am blessed to have the best of the best on my team. She helps me to strategically build my business for the glory of God - and that gives me life!

- LaVondilyn Watson San Kitts, That FIA Coach and Host of the FIA Good Morning Podcast

"Kristin and Angelina are collaborators, listeners and strong advisors. I totally appreciate their creativity and direction as they oversee my start-up ministry and help develop and navigate a strategy to serve women all around the globe. No small task. And these women are up for it!"
- Nancy Hicks, Former QVC on-air spokesperson, Founder, Nancy Hicks Live, Author, Meant to Live



We're so glad you asked!

Because we’re not an old fashioned agency where we take your money, then underwhelm and underdeliver because we’re serving 29343405345 people, we ask that you fill out the client application below first. We want to make sure we’re the perfect fit for each other.

At The New Fashioned Co., we only work with individuals and brands who are ready to
roll up their sleeves, dig in and then do the work required to transform to their new, next level self. By filling out the application, you’re letting us know that nothing is going to come between you getting your bold idea and brave voice in front of the people who
need it most.


Now, before you fill this out, we should tell you a few things about our team:

We work tirelessly to deliver for our clients, because we know the world is a better place because of them. But we also love our families and friends, just like you, and therefore, we have boundaries and office hours in place to ensure that we all get rest.

We don’t do discounts. Because we believe that so many individuals are currently being underpaid and undervalued for their starpower, we fiercely advocate for our clients’ compensation, as well as our own.

We have absolutely no time to level up voices who want to silence, ignore, discriminate against or cause harm to Black men and women, our LGBTQ and nonbinary friends, indigenous people, immigrant neighbors and religious communities. If even reading this sentence makes you uncomfortable, we are not the partner for you.

We love to mix business and pleasure. So occasionally, we have virtual Happy Hours and exclusive client conferences with Zoom dance parties. We’ll celebrate every high with you and we’ll be there through every low.

We expect a lot of our clients. We expect you to do the work we ask of you. We expect you to embody the new fashioned in every sense of the word in your work and words.

We always keep it real and honest. And we want you to do the same. Isn’t that how the best relationships flourish?

Alright, that about covers it. Are you ready for your new fashioned, next level brand?

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Want to kick off your own glow up but aren’t quite ready to become a client? We got you! Get started on ditching the old fashioned for the new fashioned with one of our many resources.